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Caring for Baby
Positive Discipline
Without Shaking, Shouting, or Spanking

The frustrations of raising a child can lead parents to discipline by shouting, shaking, or spanking, behavior that all too often escalates into abuse. InJoy's all-new Positive Discipline series shows parents a different way. Using real life scenarios, this video contrasts harmful, reactionary parenting with more effective, positive-parenting techniques that are proven to be healthier for kids. After watching this program, parents will be able to put these new skills into practice and bring harmony into their homes.
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Childhood Nutrition
Preventing Obesity

Did you know that the number of overweight children in our country has tripled in the last two decades? Obesity puts our kids at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes, early heart disease and low self-esteem. But how can parents combat fast food and couch potato lifestyles? InJoy's brand new video series has the answers. With smart strategies and straight talk, parents learn effective ways to develop healthy eating and exercise habits for the whole family, so kids can feel their best - from the inside out.
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