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Maternity Homes

Contrary to popular belief Maternity Homes are not a thing of the past. In fact as more and more pro-life individuals, and pregnancy help centers grow and thrive, the more they recognize a need for maternity homes. Generally, a group of pregnancy help centers will have a local maternity home in their network.

If you are a pregnant woman looking for a place to stay during your pregnancy, in Pennsylvania the best advice would be to call Real Alternatives 1-888-LIFE AID.

If you are from another state, you can call Care Net 1-800-395-HELP or visit their OPTION LINE or Birthright and they may be able to advise you of Maternity Home Services in your area.

In Northeast Pennsylvania, St. Joseph’s Center operates the best known Center for pregnant women. St. Joseph’s operates several homes at various places within the community for women to live during their pregnancy and one where women can live with a newborn child for a few months.

Clara’s House is another Ministry which operates in Peckville, PA. The director of Clara’s House, has recently recognized a need for a home for pregnant women who may already have another child.

In addition, Good Counsel Homes for single mothers and their babies was founded in 1985 by Father Benedict Groeschel in New York City is another resource for pregnant women.

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