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You knew the FDA's approval of RU-486 was wrong.  But did you know:
  1. RU-486 was approved under a special "restricted distribution" process reserved only for drugs that treat "severe or life-threatening illnesses."

  2. The clinical trials to test the safety and efficacy of RU-486 violated FDA's standards and under-reported the severity of the complications.

  3. Even these biased trials in the U.S. resulted in 99 percent of the test subjects suffering complications.

  4. Nearly all the safety precautions the FDA knew were necessary to protect women from being injured or killed by RU-486--and are required in other countries--were dropped under political pressure.

  5. The FDA ordered a second drug, misoprostol, be used with RU-486--but the owner of misoprostol warned doctors it should not be used for abortion.

  6. Abortionists are not following even the weak restrictions set by the FDA.

  7. Complications reported to the FDA since it approved RU-486 include two fatalities and 20 near-fatal complications, including a heart attack, two cases of systemic bacterial infection in 15 year olds, and several hospitalizations for hemorrhaging.
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