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Planned Parenthood Fought Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

Planned Parenthood Fought Partial-Birth Abortion Ban in the Courts

From the article "Abortion Industry Exposed in Courts" by Bradley Mattes:

From the testimony:
The Court also asked Knorr this question: “When you bring out a fetus in pieces, you make sure that you have got all the parts that you want; right? You try and lay them out and put them back together as best you can to see if you have everything? Knorr said, “Not necessarily. Some of us keep track on the way out.”

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Planned Parenthood

Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D. has worked for the National Right to Life Committee since 1989 and has researched, written and lectured on a number of life issues including RU-486 and the activities of Planned Parenthood. Dr. O’Bannon presented a workshop on Planned Parenthood along with Laura Antkowiak Hussey. The following excerpts are taken from the text of Dr. O'Bannon’s portion of the workshop:

“Planned Parenthood is the Nation’s Leading Abortion Chain. Statistics from their 2001-2002 Annual Report find, that over the past decade the abortion rate has been declining from 1.6 million to 1.3 million yearly. Planned Parenthood is on a steep climb with 875 “Health Centers”. Arkansas is the only state which is Planned Parenthood free. In 2001, 213,026 abortions were performed at Planned Parenthood centers, only 15,016 women were prenatal clients, 1,151 women were referred for adoption (only two per clinic) and PP served only 282 infertility clients. 93 % of the women who go to Planned Parenthood receive abortions. There are 109 abortions for every adoption referral.”, O’Bannon reported.

51.9% of abortions are performed on minorities.

Planned Parenthood gets its $692 million yearly from three sources $254 million come from clinic services (the majority being abortion), $240 million comes from government funding and $190 million from private contributions.” For example, “The Educational Fund of America” has given grants to Planned Parenthood to expand and improve their abortion services.” Dr. O’Bannon states. What does Planned Parenthood do with their money? He says, “They spend $35.8 million on advocacy, promoting pro-abortion public policy, $22.4 million on “family planning”, and $19.5 million on service to affiliates. In 2000 Planned Parenthood spent two million dollars to elect pro-abortion candidates and are currently focusing on a major campaign to defeat President Bush.” Abortion is central to the mission of Planned Parenthood. Dr. O’Bannon reports “Planned Parenthood takes credit for the defeat of pro-life judicial nominees like Judge Pickering, Pricilla Owens and Miguel Estrada, has filed lawsuits against Idaho’s Parental Consent Law and Missouri’s Funding Restrictions, and is currently fighting a lawsuit against requiring them to inform women about the link between abortion and breast cancer.”

Planned Parenthood's Abortion Count by Year
Number of Abortions (by year)

Among PP goals for the next 25 years they list “The right to sexual and reproductive self-determination, trusting individuals to make informed decisions.” Why then do they oppose informed consent legislation? Regarding “new reproductive technologies”, O’Bannon says “Planned Parenthood has “promoted new methods of abortion like RU-486, created a bio-ethics board to address reproductive cloning and they advocate “therapeutic cloning” which is the creation and destruction of new human life for medical research. A Planned Parenthood center in Overland, Kansas was one of the suppliers of fetal tissue to researchers. PP can’t sell the fetal tissue, but they rent space in their office so the researchers come in and extract the fetal tissue and send it off to research labs.”

O’Bannon talked about The National Catholic Register report of April 12, 2003 which covered a survey of 833 abortion clinics, many were Planned Parenthood clinics. “The investigator posed as a 13 year-old girl with a 22 year-old boyfriend looking for an abortion. Ninety percent of the abortion counselors urged the girl to come in for a pregnancy test but to say nothing about the age of her boyfriend. They were willing to cover up a statutory rape to sell an abortion.”

He also talked about the Des Moines Register’s report on the 1994-95 trials of RU-486 quoting Planned Parenthood’s Jill Jean saying there were “no complications”. A Doctor who read the article wrote a letter to the editor saying a woman involved in these RU-486 trials came to his office after her RU-486 abortion and nearly bled to death. She had to be rushed for emergency surgery and transfusions. The doctor wrote, “If near death, surgery and four units of blood isn’t considered a complication, I don’t know what is!” Planned Parenthood’s Jill Jean responded in her letter to the Editor, “No conplications refers to the condition of the trial and not the condition of the participants.” What was the purpose of these Planned Parenthood-conducted trials? In responsible medical trials the purpose IS studying what the drug does to the participants!

Articles from Population Research Institute

Exposing Big Abortion's Racism

Students Against Margaret Sanger:
How SFLA Is Exposing Big Abortion's Racism

by Colin Mason

Margaret Sanger is one of the pro-choice movement's iconic figures. She is extolled as a pioneering feminist, health worker, and woman's activist. Her quotes on these subject are treated as scripture. But she was also an outspoken supporter of eugenics, who wanted more children from the fit and sterilization, even segregation, for the unfit. The infamous Negro Project, which targeted Blacks for contraception and sterilization, was one outcome of this.

Planned Parenthood, of course, does not want you know these facts. So the organization works hard to burnish Sanger's reputation, and goes into damage control mode whenever questions are raised about her more unsavory views. At the same time, however, they continue to quietly practice what she preached...

Read the full article here.



by Steve Mosher and Colin Mason

Most pro-lifers know that Planned Parenthood is in the business of targeting minorities...

...What most people don't know is that even tiny ethnic groups, especially if they are Catholic, are targeted by Planned Parenthood...

Read the full article here.

Other Resources

Abortion Clinic Owner Interview

Abortion Clinic Chain Operator Now Pro-Life and Speaking Out

Eric Harrah was part owner of one of the nation's largest chains of abortion clinics. He recently converted to Christianity and walked away from the lucrative business of killing unborn children. Dr. Willke and Brad Mattes interviewed him regarding his involvement in the abortion industry.

From the interview
Eric Harrah: Planned Parenthood is hated by any doctor or [abortion] clinic that is independently owned and operated. Their [Planned Parenthood] bread and butter is the abortions that they do. They don’t do it because they care about women. That’s where the majority of their money comes from. Planned Parenthood is shrewd, though, because it’s easier for a politician to stand behind Planned Parenthood to support them than it is to stand behind some entrepreneurial businessman or woman who has an independent clinic. It’s more socially acceptable.

Dr. Willke: Yes, PP has an image of doing it legitimately.

Eric Harrah: Yes, but what PP also has within the business itself is their record of being racist, squashing competition and outright lying about competition to squash them. What PP wants is a monopoly in the abortion business.

Read the full article here.

Planned Parenthood handing out birth control to junior high students

Condoms for kids? Protesters say Planned Parenthood handing out birth control to junior high students: Link to Derry News article


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