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Steven Zielinski M.D., J.D., speaks on prenatal pain and development
2011 NRLC Convention Workshop on Fetal Pain:

Listen to remarks given by Mary Spaulding Balch, J.D., and Steven Zielinski, M.D., J.D., at the 2011 National Right to Life Convention.  Mary Spaulding Balch, NRLC’s State Legislative Director, was instrumental in crafting legislation that protects unborn children from abortion after they are capable of feeling pain. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is now law in five states

Click here to listen: Pain of the Unborn MP3 by nationalrighttolife 

What the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act Would Do

Before any abortion is performed at 20 weeks past fertilization or later, the bill would require every abortionist to provide specified information to the mother about the capacity of her unborn child to experience pain during the abortion. After receiving that information - - including the offer of a government-produced brochure - - the woman would sign a form either accepting or refusing the administration of pain-reducing drugs directly to the unborn child.

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The bill contains a number of proposed congressional "findings" regarding the scientific evidence that unborn children experience great pain during abortions at 20 weeks (and perhaps earlier).

Any abortion provider convicted of violating the law would face stringent civil and regulatory penalties, including suspension or revocation of his medical licence. In addition, a woman on whom an abortion was performed in knowing and reckless violation of this law would be empowered to sue for actual and punitive damages.

-National Right to Life News

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