Pennsylvanians for Human Life (PHL) is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization formed for the purpose of restoring the right to life to unborn children and protecting the right to life of all innocent human beings from conception to natural death.

The main focus of PHL is the issues of abortion, infanticide or mercy killing (euthanasia).

The primary goal of the organization is education of the general public in regard to these issues, with the principal focus at this time on the issue of abortion.

  • Information and referrals are given to women in crisis pregnancies.
  • Up to date factual information is offered to students requiring data for essays, speeches, debates or theme reports.
  • Videos and films are available for individual or group use.
  • Speakers are provided for schools, churches or civic organizations. For more information see our Speaker tab in the menu bar above.
  • A chapter newsletter, The Pro-Life Reporter is mailed to our members and interested persons, and is also available in an e-newsletter format and online under the Newsletter tab above.