The Pro-Abortion Policies of March of Dimes

The March of Dimes (MOD) is an organization that enjoys a positive public image. And while MOD has done much to eliminate birth defects, their methods of accomplishing that admirable goal and their vision of a brave new world run disturbingly counter to pro-life philosophy.

March of Dimes adamantly claims a neutral policy on abortion in its literature. Phone calls to MOD offices often yield indignant responses to any who dare question the organization’s respect for defenseless human life.

March of Dimes Is Pro-Abortion.

But persistent denials aside, the March of Dimes does have a strong pro-abortion philosophy that is becoming increasingly explicit. And it runs even deeper than many knowledgeable pro-lifers suspect.

Due in large part to MOD policies, abortion has actually helped ‘eliminate’ many birth defects. This is accomplished by aborting babies with medical conditions.

A major part of the problem is rooted in March of Dimes’ promotion of ‘prenatal diagnostic procedures,’ (amniocentesis). Amniocentesis can determine if the baby is healthy. When used late enough in pregnancy, the unborn child may be successfully treated while still in the womb.

March of Dimes, however, advocates the amniocentesis procedure at a point in pregnancy when the only ‘treatment’ is abortion. The organization piously asserts that it leaves the ‘choice’ to abort to the parents. Freelance writer Mary Meehan, whose well-documented article, “A Good Charity is Hard to Find,” which appeared in the Fall 1992 edition of the Human Life Review, shines an incriminating spotlight on the March of Dimes and other charities. Meehan indicts MOD for their complicity in aborting handicapped children.

“They claim no position on abortion,” says Meehan. “They don’t have to; all they have to do is lead parents into temptation. The pressure on parents to abort so-called ‘abnormal’ children is very strong.”

[Dr. Jerome LeJeune, the famed geneticist who isolated the chromosome responsible for Down’s Syndrome, has compared the MOD policy of ‘neutrality’ to selling weapons to terrorists and claiming no responsibility for the eventual outcome.]

Fetal Reduction Kills Siblings

Meehan also fumes over MOD’s more active but virtually unknown pro-abortion policies. In her Human Life Review article she quotes extensively from a March of Dimes publication called Birth Defects (Vol. 26, No. 3, 1990). The booklet contains an ominously titled piece that describes in disturbing detail the ‘benefits’ of “fetal reduction,” which is actually the abortion of some of the preborn infants in multiple pregnancies.

In the essay “Fetal Reduction and Selective Termination in Multifetal Pregnancies: Outcomes, Ethics, and Counseling Issues,” Birth Defects magazine describes technical aspects of such abortions in a shockingly matter-of-fact manner.

In addition, March of Dimes has taken a public stance in favor of fetal tissue transplants. Meehan notes the irony.

“First, unborn children are killed because they are somehow not ‘human’ enough for legal protection; then their bodies are used – because they are human bodies – to help older humans,” read her HLR article. “It is the ultimate case, perhaps, of exploitation of the defenseless by the powerful (Senator [Ted] Kennedy, et al.) It pits one disadvantaged group, the disabled, against the most disadvantaged group of all, the unborn. Moreover, it distracts attention and money from other medical research that is ethical and that may prove more helpful to the disabled.”

“People have absolutely no idea what many charities are doing,” concluded Meehan. It’s time pro-lifers helped spread the word.

Reprinted from Right to Life of Michigan News, February-March 1993

The March of Dimes Boycott Continues
By Helen Gohsler

The 2010 Annual Fund Appeal of the March of Dimes carries a simple message: “America’s babies are losing their lives to premature birth and don’t survive their first months of life. And, others face lifelong disabilities from disabling birth defects such as blindness or mental retardation.”

So, what is it about the March of Dimes that has caused this decades-long boycott of the organization established by President Franklin Roosevelt to save children from polio? The short answer is its use of amniocentesis in what has been described by pro-life groups as a search-and-destroy mission. The March of Dimes has encouraged testing in the fourth month of pregnancy at a time when no genetic diseases are treatable. As a result, babies are usually aborted in the fifth month when they could survive outside the womb. The March of Dimes is very much involved in the rather direct promotion of elective abortion by setting the stage to discover handicapped babies who are then selectively aborted.