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Blog Post: The March of Dimes Boycott Continues by Helen Gohsler

The 2010 Annual Fund Appeal of the March of Dimes carries a simple message: “America’s babies are losing their lives to premature birth and don’t survive their first months of life. And, others face lifelong disabilities from disabling birth defects such as blindness or mental retardation.”

So, what is it about the March of Dimes that has caused this decades-long boycott of the organization established by President Franklin Roosevelt to save children from polio? The short answer is its use of amniocentesis in what has been described by pro-life groups as a search-and-destroy mission. The March of Dimes has encouraged testing in the fourth month of pregnancy at a time when no genetic diseases are treatable. As a result, babies are usually aborted in the fifth month when they could survive outside the womb. The March of Dimes is very much involved in the rather direct promotion of elective abortion by setting the stage to discover handicapped babies who are then selectively aborted.