Choice: True Alternatives to Abortion

Most women who receive an abortion feel they have no other option. They’ve been tricked into believing it’s their only “choice”. This simply isn’t the truth. Adoption, maternity homes, and charities that offer both emotional and financial support give a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy a wide array of options that respect both her dignity and the life of her child.

Pregnancy is not easy. Emotionally, physically, and financially, it is one of the most taxing processes anyone can undergo, and it’s easy to understand how a woman confronted with an unexpected pregnancy may wish to simply end it.

However, pregnancy is also beautiful. It is the bringing of a new life into the world, a life which has infinite, immeasurable value. It’s always worth it to choose life, and there’s many options to help you choose it.


Adoption may be more feasible than Planned Parenthood would have one believe. There are multiple forms of adoption, including open adoption, in which the mother may retain a relationship with her child while forgoing the difficulties of legal parenthood.

While it is true that adoption can be a difficult process, it is becoming more and more available and more and more options and control are being given to the mother. Learn more about adoption.

Pregnancy Support

Raising a baby can be expensive. Fortunately, pregnancy help centers offer infant clothing, supplies, and food to mothers free of charge. Many of them also offer supplies for the mother as well. To find the pregnancy help center closest to you, click here.

Maternity Homes

Maternity homes provide shelter, clothing, and financial support to women facing unplanned pregnancies. They can help her safely establish herself and her baby in a safe environment. We have more info on maternity homes in the area here.

Get Help

Real Alternatives offers counseling for those in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you need any help, or are looking for a place to stay during your pregnancy, call 1-888-LIFE AID.

Option Line also offers resources and counseling. Call them at 1-800-712-4357 or text “HELPLINE” to 313131.

ChoiceLine can also help you make your decision. Text them at (202) 888-5440 or call at 1-800-403-5728. offers online chat counseling, abortion stories, and a community of girls who have faced or are facing unplanned pregnancies.