Maternity Homes
Contrary to popular belief, Maternity Homes are not a thing of the past. In fact as more and more pro-life individuals and pregnancy help centers grow and thrive, the more they recognize a need for maternity homes. Generally, a group of pregnancy help centers will have a local maternity home in their network.

In Northeast Pennsylvania, St. Joseph’s Center operates the best known Center for pregnant women. The Walsh Manor is located at St. Joseph’s Center- 2010 Adams Avenue Scranton, Pennsylvania 18509. St. Joseph’s operates several homes at various places within the community for women to live during their pregnancy and one where women can live with a newborn child for a few months.  This residence offers emergency shelter for up to four women during their pregnancies. Walsh Manor Staff creates a safe, nurturing environment and provides the support for each woman to remain healthy and reach her personal goals. For more information call 570-207-6677 or email

Clara’s House is another Ministry located at 811 Rte 115 Saylorsburg, Pa 18353.
Phone: 570-383-3050. Websites: &
Clara’s House Maternity Shepherding Program is a caring ministry which supplies a place to live for single women that find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, who desire to go full term. During the length of stay of the pregnancy and afterward, the women will learn life skills toward independent living. As Christian ministry, they communicate the unconditional love of God to each woman who stays at Clara’s House. If you are 18 or older in a homeless situation and pregnant, you may be eligible for services. Fill out an application, speak with the director, and voluntarily agree to participate in the Clara’s House Program. A safe, clean home free from alcohol, drugs, and violence ~ nutritional meals ~ transportation for medical needs ~ assistance in receiving life skills ~moral and spiritual support is provided.

In addition, Good Counsel Homes for single mothers and their babies was founded in 1985 by Father Benedict Groeschel in New York City is another resource for pregnant women. See their website at:

Real Alternatives offers counseling for those in the state of Pennsylvania. If you need any help, or are looking for a place to stay during your pregnancy, call 1-888-LIFE AID.

FamiliesUnited Network – 1006 Pittston Ave. Scranton, PA 18505; 570-340-1440
Families United Network is supportive to pregnant women from beginning to end. Supportive round the clock counseling entails keeping their unborn baby and preparing these mothers with financial assistance, housing and job training. This Facility has networked with other agencies, thus giving guidance for mothers who want to keep their baby. Mothers who want to give their baby for adoption are guided with­ round the clock counseling and financial help. They are involved in the whole adoption process and also can choose the new parents. Aftercare for these women is provided.