Shopping Rebates

Some supermarkets offer programs with which you can support us by shopping.

Shursave Community Rewards

If you register your Gold Card and select us as the non-profit organization you wish to support, we receive 3¢ for every ShurSave family brand product you purchase.

Redner’s Warehouse Save-A-Tape Program

Sign up at Redner’s to receive a card you use every time you shop. Return tapes to us which we submit for a 1% rebate.

Affinty4 Long Distance Service

Switch to a Christian-based long-distance service.

We earn up to 10% rebate from your long distance calls, internet services, no fee credit cards, Direct TV and Travel services including airfare, hotels and car rentals.

Our Affinity4 non-profit ID number is 81347. Choose #81347 when you sign up.