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3 videos found for 'Fetal Development / For Children'
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VHS 54 WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE? Fetal Development / For Children 
This video explains how pre-born children get food, oxygen, etc., while in the womb. No actual photographs of the baby's development in the womb are included. Recommended for grades 4 through 8. 23 min.

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VHS 68 JOURNEY TO YOUR BIRTHDAY Fetal Development / For Children 
This video is addressed to children and shows the development of a baby from conception to birth. It does not deal with how the baby was conceived or the actual birth. Excellent video for children. 6 min. Produced by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.

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VHS 118 HOW BABIES GROW Fetal Development / For Children 
For small children, any adolescent, or adults who are still children at heart. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Willke provide a simple and beautiful telling of how the baby grows inside the mother. It doesn't tell them how the baby "gets in" or "gets out," just scientifically accurate facts of fetal development. 15 min.

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