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In this film we learn about three women who share their trauma of being raped and as a result getting pregnant. You will hear them talk about going to have an abortion and not being able to go through with it. The three women had their children. The children also speak and tell what it was like growing up knowing you were a child of rape. They talk about the problems they faced and the love their mothers gave them which has changed the lives of these three children. 60 min.

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This video is aimed at teenage audiences. Casey Ivey narrates this powerful video that reveals how we are slowly conditioned to accept distorted ideas in our country today. Many of the arguments used by abortion advocates are presented: make every child a wanted child; control of one's own body; aborting children of rape; what constitutes "fully human"; our "right" to choose; eliminate back alley abortions; legal means safe. Basic facts are used to dispute each of these arguments. 28 min.

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VHS 41 A BETTER WAY Abortion 
Host Pat Boone interviews "real life people" who chose life instead of abortion despite being faced with problem pregnancies. Individuals share their stories which include rape, teen pregnancy, adoption, and severe handicaps. 30 min.

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