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Pennsylvanians for Human Life
Pennsylvanians for Human Life

Defending Life since 1973

Defending the Unborn Child's Right to Life Since 1973

Encouraging Life

unborn baby at 20 weeks

Most of an unborn child's bodily functions are fully operational at 20 weeks, and preborn children have survived as young as 21 weeks into pregnancy.

Welcome to Pennsylvanians for Human Life, Scranton Chapter. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating our local community on pro-life issues, building a culture of life, and ensuring that easy access to the truth on the issue of life is available to everyone in the greater Scranton region.
This website serves as a database of information and research on many pro-life issues, including abortion, assisted suicide, human cloning, statistics, and more. It also includes resources for pregnant women, such as a list of pregnancy help centers in the area, and information on our upcoming pro-life events and fundraisers.
Our Information Center is located at 400 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, Pa. We provide referrals and assistance to women with problem pregnancies, as well as educational programs featuring films, videos, DVD's, and qualified speakers for public and private schools, churches, PTA's, college students and individuals in the community. For further information call us at 570-343-5099.
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News and Events

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