Piano Recital featuring Fr. Denis G. Wilde

Marywood University 2300 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA

A Long Island native, Fr. Wilde is a professional pianist and presents piano recitals around the country in conjunction with pro-life ministry.

10th Annual Day of Remembrance of the Unborn

Please join us at 12:00 Noon, Saturday  September 10, 2022 Place: Cathedral Cemetery, 1708 Oram St. Scranton 18504 Details: Tomb of the Unborn (main entrance, turn left, proceed 100 ft) Program 1 hr. Bring chair if needed. Contact Theresa Baux 570-687-5329 or Scranton Chapter 570-343-5099

Harrisburg March For Life

Please join us at the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg at 11:00 AM --1:00 PM, Monday September 19, 2022 Search their website, March For Life, for details.  Transportation available. Schedule a meeting with your state senator and representative. For more information: Scranton Chapter 570 343 5099 https://marchforlife.org/pennsylvania-march-for-life/

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