IT OCCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

Definitions of terms clarify ideas and concepts. For example, pro-life advocates are accused of requiring a woman, who has a medically threatening pregnancy, to accept death by denying her the surgery necessary to save her life. The pro-choice advocates claim that this tragedy would be the result of legislation proposed by pro-life advocates that makes abortion illegal. Pro-choice scenario: “if abortion is illegal past the 15th week of a pregnancy and the pregnant woman’s life is threatened by the pregnancy in her 16th week, then she will break the law by having an abortion to save her life”.

Point of clarification: a procured abortion is one in which the surgeon performs the surgery to end the life of the unborn child as the intended purpose for the surgery. Surgery that results in the death of the unborn child, not as an intended purpose but as a result of other surgical procedures, intended to save the life of the mother, does not constitute a procured abortion. Pro-life legislation would not prohibit surgery having, as an unintended consequence, the death of the unborn child. Pro-life legislation would prohibit procured abortion surgery because its intended purpose is the death of the unborn child, which action constitutes a grave moral evil by denying life to an innocent human being.

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