It Occurs To Me (Anthony Pamelia)

The Political Gulag is an island where the Party leadership controls its members by threatening restrictions, imposing restrictions, then effecting elimination for insubordination.

A scenario (hopefully rarely occurring) in the context of a discussion on a particular piece of legislation:

 Legislator X, in response to his constituency and after careful analysis of the facts, determines to vote his conscience.  Party leader Y decides that the vote Legislator X intends to cast should be changed because it would conflict with the goals he has set for the Party.  Party leader Y communicates his orders to Legislator X with the advice that Legislator X should vote as Party leady Y dictates or else be removed from committee membership and be opposed by the Party in the next election.  In this scenario truth does not prevail, the foundation of a democracy is shaken, the good of the society is not served and Legislator X loses his self-respect.

May God liberate us from this island of tyranny.

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

Does God Care About Marriage, Babies and Sound Bites?  Do you?

You need not be Catholic to believe that God the Creator uses the fertility of human beings to continue His plan for the ensoulment of the new creatures He desires. You need not be religious to understand why the dissolution of marriage (as God intended it), viz.  the union of one man and one woman, results in abortion.  If you believe there is no God, then you can conclude that humans are nothing more than intelligent animals evolved from apes(?) and marriage is only an optional human contract.

Many believe that God exists and designed marriage for His purposes.  When man denies God’s existence and God’s plan for the purpose of marriage, then man will destroy the fruit of the sexual union between a man and a woman.

Why did the efforts of so many to pass a prolife amendment to the Kanas Constitution fail?  Fundamentally the reason is that man has lost faith in God and what God intends.  Secondarily the reasons are the tactics (e.g., sound bites) used by the pro-choice to distort the facts.  See  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci9k8XztOMg&list=PLLj_bYHqrHFncphaI0wM7gdA_lP3u3XHN&index=5

Pro-life champions need time to answer the objections the pro-abortion advocates advertised.  Sound bites that are intended to confuse, to instill fear and to deceive, cannot be refuted with a one word response. A large amount of money is being spent by the pro-abortion advocates to repeat these soundbites.

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