It Occurs To Me (Anthony Pamelia)

The Political Gulag is an island where the Party leadership controls its members by threatening restrictions, imposing restrictions, then effecting elimination for insubordination.

A scenario (hopefully rarely occurring) in the context of a discussion on a particular piece of legislation:

 Legislator X, in response to his constituency and after careful analysis of the facts, determines to vote his conscience.  Party leader Y decides that the vote Legislator X intends to cast should be changed because it would conflict with the goals he has set for the Party.  Party leader Y communicates his orders to Legislator X with the advice that Legislator X should vote as Party leady Y dictates or else be removed from committee membership and be opposed by the Party in the next election.  In this scenario truth does not prevail, the foundation of a democracy is shaken, the good of the society is not served and Legislator X loses his self-respect.

May God liberate us from this island of tyranny.

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