IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

Have you seen or heard pro-choice advocates’ scare-tactic ads about pro-life legislation endangering the life of the mother?  Prolife legislation would address procured abortion, but would not interfere with medical procedures.  A procured abortion is one where an agent wills or intends, either as a means or an end, the death of an unborn child.  Examples of medical procedures that are not procured abortions:

 …when a pregnant woman develops appendicitis.   The doctor treats the pathology, meaning that an appendectomy is performed even though an undesired secondary effect may be the loss of the unborn baby. 

…when a pregnant woman develops cancer.   She may choose whether or not to have chemotherapy and/or radiation or choose alternative treatment even though the course of treatment may result in the undesired secondary effect of the loss of the unborn baby.

…when a woman has an ectopic pregnancy. The doctor treats the condition even though the undesired secondary effect is the loss of the unborn baby.

Pro-life advocates have the welfare of the mother, the unborn child and the born child at heart.

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