IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

   III    There are many moral issues that I am challenged to consider.

  1. Is condemning abortion more important than choosing these: eliminating the death penalty, providing affordable daycare, legal and welcoming immigration policies, expanding the WIC program, providing education, training and health care for the poor, empowering the disadvantaged?
  2. Aren’t these goods morally equivalent to defending the life of the unborn? (Because the destruction of innocent human life by abortion contradicts all efforts to empower the disadvantaged, or to help the needy; eliminating abortion takes priority over these other goods.)
  3. Isn’t helping needy, mature human beings critical to preserving a society?  (What human being is more powerless, needier, and more vulnerable than the unborn child? To save the unborn child from abortion is a greater physical good for a society than all social programs and thus of the highest moral imperative.)

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