IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

V    Reality is not always pleasant, and living a meaningful productive life requires sacrifice.

              a)   When securing women’s health care is celebrated in the public discourse, why does that discourse not include the term abortion?  Is this omission due to a reluctance in the culture to admit that aborted children are stored in specimen jars or sold to research labs or thrown in dumpsters?  Some people believe that killing an unborn child is a lesser moral evil than obligating a pregnant woman to make whatever sacrifice necessary to bring her child to birth.  Are these people unaware, or don’t want to admit, that the unborn child experiences pain when being aborted?  Do people, who oppose requiring informed consent of the pregnant mother, oppose the mother’s viewing ultrasound of her unborn child to spare her the anxiety of confronting the reality of abortion?

b) Considering that pregnant mothers contemplating abortion face real physical, emotional and moral challenges, our giving them gifts of time, attention, support and hope is the most effective way for them to experience their dignity and for us to encourage them to give their children a loving welcome into the world.   Offering these gifts contradicts her suspicion she is inferior to men and that she is being victimized by an unjust culture.

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