IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

Legislators and their constituents are at times blind to reality.

  1. Because the health of the state requires a sufficient pool of educated, dedicated and conscientious citizens, it is reasonable and necessary that the state secure the health and wellbeing of its future citizens in, and from, the womb.  The state has the responsibility to provide for the common good of its citizens.  The question to answer is which action most strengthens the common good, either supporting unlimited access to abortion or supporting adequate financial and emotional care for pregnant mothers or assisting families to provide a healthy learning and growing environment for their children.   I see that providing unlimited access to abortion undermines the latter two.  What do I see happening when abortion is frequent and celebrated?  I see a demoralized society, a weakened society, a violent society, a dying society.
  2. A diminished birth rate spells extinction for a society.  The nature of the living is to ensure the future for its successors; even flies dodge the swatter to survive.  A species (e.g., human) is designed to continue living by its instinctual behavior.   A choice to destroy one’s own offspring brings disharmony to the parent choosing to kill.  Can we agree that survival is a good and extinction is an evil?  Religion offers hope for life after death even for the individual, regardless of having offspring.
  • These observations are not intended to burden or condemn women who find themselves in a difficult pregnancy.  Compassionate help for them is the guiding principle but the truth of the situation must be stated that human life in the womb is being destroyed daily and  must be recognized as a serious evil and a tragedy.

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