IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

VIII     Isn’t There Something More Certain Than How I feel About Something Today?

          a)   Some mothers regret having had an abortion, feeling embarrassment, regret, shame, sadness, despair and guilt when they realize that they allowed the innocent child living in their womb to be killed.   Believing that abortion solves all problems, and that they are protecting mothers by providing abortion, abortion advocates are not aware–or are unconcerned–that for some mothers abortion causes great spiritual, emotional and physical harm.   These mothers feel frail, wounded, vulnerable and despondent.  In their hearts they wanted to have other options in addition to abortion.  They wanted someone to offer them hope for their child when they were considering abortion.  They keep their abortion a secret because abortion is very sinful and they fear being judged derelict.  They believe God will not forgive them.

              b) Some mothers do not regret having had (an) abortion(s). 

1) Society promotes elective abortion to control population growth, to eliminate future criminals, and to ensure a women’s freedom to pursue other interests unencumbered by a dependent child.

2) Society is over sexualized to the extent that women are no longer recognized as child bearers and nurturers.  Pornography dehumanizes the human being so that violence against the human person becomes commonplace.  Society claims that any guilt experienced by an abortive woman is due only to a patriarchy needlessly making her feel guilty.

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