IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

In a Representative Democracy, Our Republic, we are blessed to be able to make our voices heard, hopefully to initiate changes through our government to right the wrong and to make happen the good.

We have an opportunity to travel to Harrisburg to join with advocates of the unborn to make known to our governor and legislators the truth that innocent human life should be protected for the good of all the inhabitants of the Commonwealth.

We have an opportunity to elect our governor and state senators and representatives who will represent our concern for both pregnant women and their unborn children. Please register to vote and then vote on Nov 8.

We have the opportunity to support organizations that recognize the good of the pro-life movement and to withdraw our support from organizations that fund pro-abortion efforts. The Scranton Chapter will provide an informational flyer entitled DONOR BEWARE when you contact our office at 570-343-5099 or at pahumanlife@yahoo.com

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