IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)


  Can you identify yourself as pro-life with heartfelt sincerity? 

  1. If yes, you are asserting to everyone that every unborn child is a human being, and that you will advocate for the safety, security, and future of that vulnerable, precious, living being with your prayers, your vote, your resources and your reputation.  You will work tirelessly to overturn any laws that permit or fund the direct killing of that innocent human life.
  2. When you, as a genuine pro-life person, speak to a person, who is pro-abortion, with words that express your genuine and sincere concern for the well-being of a mother, you make a connection with the mind and heart of that person.   You are affirming that you are willing to remain in service to her throughout her pregnancy and after the birth of her child, namely, that you will neither abandon her, nor her unborn child. nor her child after birth.  You will be compassionate with her in her experience of feelings of guilt, fear, abandonment and hopelessness.  You will offer her love, guidance, friendship, support and a hopeful path forward.  You will be a good listener to her and encourage her to turn to God for His help and companionship.  You will refrain from assigning blame or giving advice to her on how to avoid trouble in the future.   If she chooses to be a parent, you will make arrangements to offer her parenting classes and material support.  If she chooses to give her child to adoptive parents, you will give her emotional support.  Sadly, if she chooses abortion, you will offer her healing love after the procedure. 
  3. Because the unborn child has no voice with which to claim his right to live, has no pen with which to persuade public opinion that his life does matter, has no representative in Congress to consider his point of view, a compassionate pro-life person must fight for the life of the unborn child.

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