IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

Does God Care About Marriage, Babies and Sound Bites?  Do you?

You need not be Catholic to believe that God the Creator uses the fertility of human beings to continue His plan for the ensoulment of the new creatures He desires. You need not be religious to understand why the dissolution of marriage (as God intended it), viz.  the union of one man and one woman, results in abortion.  If you believe there is no God, then you can conclude that humans are nothing more than intelligent animals evolved from apes(?) and marriage is only an optional human contract.

Many believe that God exists and designed marriage for His purposes.  When man denies God’s existence and God’s plan for the purpose of marriage, then man will destroy the fruit of the sexual union between a man and a woman.

Why did the efforts of so many to pass a prolife amendment to the Kanas Constitution fail?  Fundamentally the reason is that man has lost faith in God and what God intends.  Secondarily the reasons are the tactics (e.g., sound bites) used by the pro-choice to distort the facts.  See  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci9k8XztOMg&list=PLLj_bYHqrHFncphaI0wM7gdA_lP3u3XHN&index=5

Pro-life champions need time to answer the objections the pro-abortion advocates advertised.  Sound bites that are intended to confuse, to instill fear and to deceive, cannot be refuted with a one word response. A large amount of money is being spent by the pro-abortion advocates to repeat these soundbites.

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

Did you ever wonder if there were reasons for advocating abortion in addition to giving “women the right to choose”?

Some examples are radical feminism, having freedom equal to what men enjoy, population control.

People with power advocate controlling population as a means necessary to secure the goods of the world for those who are allowed to live. Who decides who will live? Those with the power do. Aren’t all men created equal by God? Yes, if you believe in God!

Find information on the connection between population control and abortion and anti-child life styles at Human Life International: Exploring the Global Population Control Agenda

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

In a Representative Democracy, Our Republic, we are blessed to be able to make our voices heard, hopefully to initiate changes through our government to right the wrong and to make happen the good.

We have an opportunity to travel to Harrisburg to join with advocates of the unborn to make known to our governor and legislators the truth that innocent human life should be protected for the good of all the inhabitants of the Commonwealth.

We have an opportunity to elect our governor and state senators and representatives who will represent our concern for both pregnant women and their unborn children. Please register to vote and then vote on Nov 8.

We have the opportunity to support organizations that recognize the good of the pro-life movement and to withdraw our support from organizations that fund pro-abortion efforts. The Scranton Chapter will provide an informational flyer entitled DONOR BEWARE when you contact our office at 570-343-5099 or at pahumanlife@yahoo.com

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

VIII     Isn’t There Something More Certain Than How I feel About Something Today?

          a)   Some mothers regret having had an abortion, feeling embarrassment, regret, shame, sadness, despair and guilt when they realize that they allowed the innocent child living in their womb to be killed.   Believing that abortion solves all problems, and that they are protecting mothers by providing abortion, abortion advocates are not aware–or are unconcerned–that for some mothers abortion causes great spiritual, emotional and physical harm.   These mothers feel frail, wounded, vulnerable and despondent.  In their hearts they wanted to have other options in addition to abortion.  They wanted someone to offer them hope for their child when they were considering abortion.  They keep their abortion a secret because abortion is very sinful and they fear being judged derelict.  They believe God will not forgive them.

              b) Some mothers do not regret having had (an) abortion(s). 

1) Society promotes elective abortion to control population growth, to eliminate future criminals, and to ensure a women’s freedom to pursue other interests unencumbered by a dependent child.

2) Society is over sexualized to the extent that women are no longer recognized as child bearers and nurturers.  Pornography dehumanizes the human being so that violence against the human person becomes commonplace.  Society claims that any guilt experienced by an abortive woman is due only to a patriarchy needlessly making her feel guilty.

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

Legislators and their constituents are at times blind to reality.

  1. Because the health of the state requires a sufficient pool of educated, dedicated and conscientious citizens, it is reasonable and necessary that the state secure the health and wellbeing of its future citizens in, and from, the womb.  The state has the responsibility to provide for the common good of its citizens.  The question to answer is which action most strengthens the common good, either supporting unlimited access to abortion or supporting adequate financial and emotional care for pregnant mothers or assisting families to provide a healthy learning and growing environment for their children.   I see that providing unlimited access to abortion undermines the latter two.  What do I see happening when abortion is frequent and celebrated?  I see a demoralized society, a weakened society, a violent society, a dying society.
  2. A diminished birth rate spells extinction for a society.  The nature of the living is to ensure the future for its successors; even flies dodge the swatter to survive.  A species (e.g., human) is designed to continue living by its instinctual behavior.   A choice to destroy one’s own offspring brings disharmony to the parent choosing to kill.  Can we agree that survival is a good and extinction is an evil?  Religion offers hope for life after death even for the individual, regardless of having offspring.
  • These observations are not intended to burden or condemn women who find themselves in a difficult pregnancy.  Compassionate help for them is the guiding principle but the truth of the situation must be stated that human life in the womb is being destroyed daily and  must be recognized as a serious evil and a tragedy.

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

V    Reality is not always pleasant, and living a meaningful productive life requires sacrifice.

              a)   When securing women’s health care is celebrated in the public discourse, why does that discourse not include the term abortion?  Is this omission due to a reluctance in the culture to admit that aborted children are stored in specimen jars or sold to research labs or thrown in dumpsters?  Some people believe that killing an unborn child is a lesser moral evil than obligating a pregnant woman to make whatever sacrifice necessary to bring her child to birth.  Are these people unaware, or don’t want to admit, that the unborn child experiences pain when being aborted?  Do people, who oppose requiring informed consent of the pregnant mother, oppose the mother’s viewing ultrasound of her unborn child to spare her the anxiety of confronting the reality of abortion?

b) Considering that pregnant mothers contemplating abortion face real physical, emotional and moral challenges, our giving them gifts of time, attention, support and hope is the most effective way for them to experience their dignity and for us to encourage them to give their children a loving welcome into the world.   Offering these gifts contradicts her suspicion she is inferior to men and that she is being victimized by an unjust culture.

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

IV        Let your voice be heard

  1. You can be the voice for the unborn.  For example, when you as a pro-life individual complete a survey that accurately reflects your thoughts, or when you write a letter to your legislator, your effort combined with the efforts of other pro-life persons will counter the pro-choice claim that the majority of Americans are pro-choice. 
  2. Because you are willing to be visibly pro-life, your legislator then cannot claim that pro-abortion laws are the will of the majority of Americans.
  3. When you hand out literature explaining the pro-life position on the value of life in the womb and when you offer financial or emotional support to a pregnant woman, you are countering the falsehood that a pregnant woman has no other option but to abort.

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)

   III    There are many moral issues that I am challenged to consider.

  1. Is condemning abortion more important than choosing these: eliminating the death penalty, providing affordable daycare, legal and welcoming immigration policies, expanding the WIC program, providing education, training and health care for the poor, empowering the disadvantaged?
  2. Aren’t these goods morally equivalent to defending the life of the unborn? (Because the destruction of innocent human life by abortion contradicts all efforts to empower the disadvantaged, or to help the needy; eliminating abortion takes priority over these other goods.)
  3. Isn’t helping needy, mature human beings critical to preserving a society?  (What human being is more powerless, needier, and more vulnerable than the unborn child? To save the unborn child from abortion is a greater physical good for a society than all social programs and thus of the highest moral imperative.)

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)


What might be inside their heads:

  1. Pro-abortion advocates use a cost/benefit comparison to arrive at their position on the life of the unborn, offering the following four points for our consideration: because the developing unborn child is not a person and/or because the mother’s right to choose and/or because the mother’s purpose is to have rights equal to those of men, then these rights of the mother have greater value than those of her unborn child.  This reasoning (which ignores fundamental facts) results in these advocates restricting their concern for protecting the lives of human beings to those who are already beyond the infant stage. 
  2. A difficult task is to determine reasons legislators use to assign a greater value to the mother’s being protected by law when she procures an abortion, than the right of the unborn to be protected from lethal attack.  Here are some reasons:
  3. The pro- abortion lobby is more vocal that the lobby for the unborn
  4. The pro-abortion donors contribute more funds to the legislators’ re-election campaigns than do the unborn children’s advocacy groups.
  5. The Supreme Court has already decided that the U S Constitution provides for the absolute right of a mother to procure an abortion.  (This understanding of the Supreme Court’s decision is inaccurate)
  6. The majority of Americans favor the woman’s legal right to procure an abortion over the right to life of the unborn.  (Most Americans oppose unrestricted abortion)
  7. The legislator can vote to fund programs for women, children and infants, for which action he/she has achieved the moral high ground even if he/she supports and votes for pro-abortion laws. 

(A good result does not justify directly choosing an evil act to obtain it, especially if an innocent human being’s life is sacrificed)

  • If the platform of a legislator’s political party is pro-abortion, he/she is required to vote on abortion legislation as the party director commands.  The reprisals that result from breaking ranks are too costly.  (Courage to stand alone is a virtue)

IT OCCURS TO ME (Anthony Pamelia)


  Can you identify yourself as pro-life with heartfelt sincerity? 

  1. If yes, you are asserting to everyone that every unborn child is a human being, and that you will advocate for the safety, security, and future of that vulnerable, precious, living being with your prayers, your vote, your resources and your reputation.  You will work tirelessly to overturn any laws that permit or fund the direct killing of that innocent human life.
  2. When you, as a genuine pro-life person, speak to a person, who is pro-abortion, with words that express your genuine and sincere concern for the well-being of a mother, you make a connection with the mind and heart of that person.   You are affirming that you are willing to remain in service to her throughout her pregnancy and after the birth of her child, namely, that you will neither abandon her, nor her unborn child. nor her child after birth.  You will be compassionate with her in her experience of feelings of guilt, fear, abandonment and hopelessness.  You will offer her love, guidance, friendship, support and a hopeful path forward.  You will be a good listener to her and encourage her to turn to God for His help and companionship.  You will refrain from assigning blame or giving advice to her on how to avoid trouble in the future.   If she chooses to be a parent, you will make arrangements to offer her parenting classes and material support.  If she chooses to give her child to adoptive parents, you will give her emotional support.  Sadly, if she chooses abortion, you will offer her healing love after the procedure. 
  3. Because the unborn child has no voice with which to claim his right to live, has no pen with which to persuade public opinion that his life does matter, has no representative in Congress to consider his point of view, a compassionate pro-life person must fight for the life of the unborn child.
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